Kakuhunter SK-350TVS Planetary Mixer

Katalogové číslo: SK-350TVS

 Planetary Centrifugal Mixer With Vacuum Device Machine

2 Cup individual revolution and rotation speed control system

  •  The system supports mixing and degassing of various types of materials
  •  Operation settings can be made easily with just the up, down, left and right keys on the control panel
  •  The ratio of revolution and rotation can be adjusted, and 90 different speed combination patterns can be set
  •  It enabled to set detailed setting for materials property and kinds, then achieve mixing and degassing for various kind of materials
  •  A shifted cup tray is used on the rotation axis, solving the issues of lump creation and insuficient mixing
  • 400ml x 2 cups
  • Vacuum machine with enhanced degassing force

The vacuum machine makes it possible to eliminate even very fine air bubbles, so it can be expected to even further improve the conductivity and insulation performance demanded of electronic materials, contributes to decrease defective rate of products due to bubbles in optical materials and prevent injection of air due to air bubbles in syringes

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Rotor Shifted rotor
Cup size 400ml x 2cups
Revolution settings 9 steps
Rotation settings 0.0 - 1.0 time against revolution (10 steps)
Time settings 10 - 300 seconds
Step mode 1 - 5 steps
Memory channel Fixed 10 / user setup 90
Power supply AC200V-240V 50/60hz
Power consumption About 2 kW
Size W565 x D682 x H725 mm
Weight approximately 160kg without vacuum pump




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