Kakuhunter SK-300SII Planetary Mixer

Katalogové číslo: SK-300SII

Mixing and degassing machine SK-300SII CE

Entry model which enables to operate easy with fixed rotation speed ratio against revolution speed.

  • Carry out mixing of various materials of low to high viscosity in a shot time (from ten seconds to several minutes)
  • Easy operation by instinctive panel
  • Easy balance adjustment
  • Mixing mode / Degassing mode / Medium mode / Wave mode
  • 300ml container /Maximum 310g
  • Fulfilling safety design

Upper lid lock function during operation , an operation stop when the upper lid opened and malfunction preventing function is available, which is considered safety design. Additionally, the balance error detection, motor malfunction, maintenance warning and notification function can assure to use the product safely

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Cup size 300ml x 1cup maximum 310g
Time settings Maximum 3o minutes (Total 9 steps)
Step mode Continues operation with 10 different action patterns (settings) possible
Memory channel 0-9 channel
Power supply AC200V-240V 50/60hz
Power consumption About 1.380W
Size W340 x D315 x H370 mm
Weight approximately 24kg




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Golčova 486
148 00, Praha 4 - Kunratice

+420 226 886 402


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