Kakuhunter SK-350TII Planetary Mixer


Mixing and degassing machine SK-350TII CE

2 Cup Individual control system with mixing and degassing function

  • Carry out mixing of various materials of low to high viscosity in a short time (from ten seconds to several minutes)
  • Easy operation by instinctive panel
  • The individual revolution-rotation and step-mode functions enable user to achieve continuous operation. (5 Steps)
  • Optimum setting enables user to achieve mixing and degassing for wide range of materials’ application and property
  • The machine utilize sealed container to avoid contamination, cleaning after processing, damage of materials by machine parts such as propeller blade and loss of materials
  • 400ml x 2 cups

The SK-350TⅡ from Kakuhunter allows users to set up each revolution and rotation speed individually and can mix and and degas materials at a maximum weight of 700g with 2 x 350g cups at a volume of 400ml.

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Cup size 400ml x 2cups
Revolution settings 9 steps
Rotation settings 0.0 - 1.0 time against revolution (10 steps)
Time settings 10 x 300 seconds x 5 steps
Step mode Continues operation with 10 different action patterns (settings) possible
Memory channel Fixed 10 / user setup 90
Power supply AC200V-240V 50/60hz
Power consumption About 1.380W
Size W400 x D482 x H495 mm
Weight approximately 50kg


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