We ship the goods in stock immediately. The goods not available in stock will be delivered  within 1-2 weeks, maximally. For some products or entire dosing systems, the delivery time is longer, it is usually stated on the offer.

We use DPD by default, the delivery date within Europe is usually 2 days.

If the goods are out of stock with us or the manufacturer, we cannot ensure it.

Call or write to our customer support, we will be happy to deal with your query.

Contact customer service, depending on the type of question or product, they will direct you somewhere or hand over the question for settlement.

Request a quote. We do not announce our prices on the Internet. For some items, the price may vary depending on the ordered quantity. For large and regular orders, we fix contract prices.

As regards materials, basically we have solutions for almost every kind of material, we have systems for 1K and 2K applications. However, each application must be assessed individually. It is not just about the material, but what is its packaging, what is the required application, what is the required cycle time, what are the limitations, etc. Our specialists request the necessary information from the customer and then come up with suitable solutions. It is always necessary for the customer to provide us with a technical and safety data sheet of the fluid.

Contact customer service, where they will be happy to advise you. Some products are being replaced, others are repaired.

Assuming that it is a standard item that we keep in stock and has not been used, it is possible to return or exchange it. If the goods are made to order, in some cases it is possible to return it for a fee. We will be happy to provide you with all information on the customer line.

You can certainly cancel the order. Providing that it is a stock item, we do not charge any fee. If the goods are made to order, we will have to charge a cancellation fee given by the equipment manufacturer.

Contact customer service immediately. We will exchange defective goods. Of course, in such cases we do not charge shipping.

Shipping costs vary with shipment size and delivery location. Shipping fee is always a part of the price quotation.

Yes, it is possible. If you need the goods immediately and if everything is not in stock, put in a request for a partial shipment at customer service. The shipping is charged once only.

We have not set a minimum order value. As for the particular items it is possible to order 1 piece, for others there is one package. For example, dosing tips and cartridges can only be ordered as a package. It is always stated in price quotation.

We try to publish all information and instructions on the web. If any product is missing, request it from the customer line. We regularly update the website.

Yes, we do. Contact us for a specific quote.

The standard warranty is 1 year. However, some of the products are exceptionally provided with a longer warranty.

Currently the only payment method is Bank Transfer.

We haven't got an e-shop yet.

For some products, a list of spare parts is provided in the maintenance manual. These are usually available with the product on the web. If they are missing there, contact the customer line.

We do not repair electronics (e.g. unit controllers), we deal with the manufacturer. We will be happy to refurbish your dispensing valves. If the valve does not dispense properly, contact the customer line. After specifying the type of equipment and the problem, your request will be forwarded to the technical department.

By all means. We will be happy to select suitable components for your application.

Yes, we can send you some consumables as a FOC sample.

Our headquarters is located in Prague. From here we serve all customers in Europe.

Flumasys supplies its goods only to the member states of the European Union.

If you do not find it for a particular product on the website, contact the customer line.

It depends on the type of device. Follow the instructions. If it is a complete dosing system, installation and training is usually part of the delivery.

Yes, we do. The length of installation and training depends on the complexity of the equipment. It usually does not take longer than one day.

Yes, we keep some products in stock for immediate delivery. We also keep goods in stock for regular customers and regular orders. If the customer requests a secured delivery of specific parts within the set deadlines, we can manage it, too. Unfortunately, the assortment is so extensive that it is not feasible to keep stocks of all the products.


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