Kakuhunter SK-1100T Planetary Mixer

PN: SK-1100T

Motion planetary mixer with mixing and degassing system

Machine model with high revolution and wide radius gyration for high quality materials revolving rotation speed control system enhanced liquid and powder mixing, then control lumps occurrence.

  • T-mode: High dispersion function
  • F-mode: Anti separation function
  • Easy operation by instinctive panel
  • 1100ml x 2 cups
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Cup size 1100ml x 2cups
Revolution settings 9 steps
Rotation settings 10 steps
Time settings maximum 990 seconds
Step mode 5 steps
Memory channel Fixed 10 / user setup 90
Power supply AC200V-240V 50/60hz
Power consumption About 2 kW
Size W565 x D597 x H741 mm
Weight approximately 140kg


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