PN: FCC-3838S

Fittings consist of four precision parts that are manufactured under the strictest of quality control. These four precision parts together make up the best Tube Fitting in the world. Tube Fittings secure leak free connections providing customers with confidence and appreciation of overall reliability of the installed systems.

Tube OD D 3/8″
d Min 7.11 mm
h 5/8″
H 11/16″
A 16.76 mm
B 19.30 mm
I 30.22 mm
L 44.95 mm
Material Stainless Steel 316


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Turning the nut to the finger tight position is the only requirement before starting the installation.
Fittings should not be disassembled before installation to maintain cleanliness and prevent unwanted foreign material from entering the system.
Care in the proper selection of tubing also contributes to a safe and reliable installation.


Step 1
Insert the tubing into the SUPERLOK Tube Fitting making sure the
tubing is bottomed out and is in complete contactwith the shoulder of the fitting. Also, the nut should be inthe finger-tight position at this time.
Step 2
Before tightening, mark the SUPERLOK nut at the 6 o’clock position.
Step 3
Hold the fitting body safely with a back-up wrench and tighten the nut 1-1/4 turns until your mark reaches the
9 o’clock position.

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