GHIBLI 26:1 Dual Post Pneumatic Pump 200L

PN: K500080

Pneumatic pump for extrusion

Double post extrusion package 200l

GHIBLI 26:1 EXT is a high pressure pneumatic pump used for extrusion and transferring of high viscosity products. The pump is essentially constituted of an air motor and of a structure called “material pumping group” or simply “pumping group”. In the pneumatic motor, compressed air causes the vertical reciprocating movement of the motor piston; this movement is transmitted through a connecting rod to the material pumping piston ending with a shovel plate alowing to suck very viscous products. The ratio 26:1 means that the outlet pressure of material is 26 times higher than the pump feed air pressure.

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Pump pressure ratio: 26:1

Air Pressure Range: 3-8 bar (40-120 bar)

Maximum fluid outlet pressure: 208 bar (3120 psi)

Delivery per cycle: 60cc

Air consumption at 60 cycles: 3 bar - 500 l/min, 5 bar - 840 l/min, 7 bar - 1200 l/min

Lower pump material: Carbon Steel

Fluid plunger material: INOX/STAINLESS STEEL 420B

Seals material: PTFE + PE 1000

Maximum drum height: 990 mm

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