PN: P80

Adhesive pumps for industrial applications

Reliable and clean feeding directly from original containers

This drum pump model is available exclusively as a double-acting chop check pump. Along with greases and oils, it also processes adhesives, sealants, polyurethanes or silicones with viscosities of up to 5.0 million mPas. Material is fed directly from the original containers. The piston pump is ideal for individual station material supply and it serves equally well as a central material supply system. The pumps in this range are modular, robust, economical, extremely reliable and easy to maintain and service.


  • Supply of medium to high viscosity material
  • Flow rate up to 6 litres/minute at 20 double strokes
  • Pressure ratio up to 75:1
  • Max. viscosity 5 million mPas
  • Differential piston pumps with fast-switching air motors
  • 1- or 2-hand operation
  • Modular design with configurable components
  • Sealing available in various sizes and material finished
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Pressure ratio: 56:1
Flow rate (with 20 double strokes): 0.61 l/min
Material viscosity (ball valve pump/chop check pump): 2.5 M mPa/s
Working pressure: 20-250 bar
Air consumption at 20 double strokes: 220 l/min
Dimensions baseplate (A x B): 610 x 500
Maximum height: 2200mm
Weight without container: 65/72kg
Maximum container height: 750 mm
Maximum container size: 80 l
Maximum container-Ø outsize: 440 mm

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