200L Nordson Pneumatic pump XD3

PN: 55-XD3

For Efficient Dispensing of High Viscosity Ambient Temperature Adhesives and Sealants.
Suitable for sealant, adhesive, acrylic, silicone, RTV, epoxy, urethane applications and more.

  • Air motors and multiple follower plates are interchangeable to allow simple system configuration
  • Unique plunger seal design to eliminate risk of costly material waste / loss due to leakage or pressure loss
  • Simple and intuitive pneumatic controls that feature auto shutdown to prevent damage to the unit when the pump reaches the bottom of the container

XD version provides components with ScoreGuardTM Coating:
Hard surface resists scratching and pitting
Optimizes friction coefficient to prolong seal packing life
Lowers frequency of service, and total cost of ownership

Suitable pail sizes:
Straight 571mm
Available ratios
Ratio Material pressure range
25:1 1000 – 2000 psi / 69 – 137.5 bar
40:1 1,600 – 3,200 psi / 110 – 220.5 bar
65:1 2,600 – 4,800 psi / 180 – 331 bar


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Technical specifications

Volume per Cycle 190 cc / 6.42 fl oz.
Maximum Output 2.85 L/min. / 0.75 gal/min.
Maximum Cycle Rate Intermittent:1 cycle per 4 sec.

Continuous: 1 cycle per 8 sec.

Dynamic Viscosity Range 30,000 - 4,000,000cps
Wetted material Carbon steel
W / H / D 130 cm / 224 cm / 66 cm


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