System configuration and pre-sale service

We will test recommended configuration of dispensing system on your application and with your material. You can verify before purchasing that our solution will be fully functional. For us it means to configure the system so that we can pass it with the recommended settings. For you this means considerable time savings and certainty of the investment. Training of personnel is included in the supply.

Refilling services

We will refill your material into the packages which is suitable for industrial use and best for your dispensing application. Consult with us technical specifications and packaging options for each material.

Application of the zero series

We will dispense zero series for you or for your customers for the purposes of approval of production. We will find an appropriate solution, configure dispensing system, and apply the material. You can then purchase tested and proven solution, which was validated by you or your customer.

Servis Nordson EFD

We provide service and repair of the Nordson EFD products including refurbishing and repair of EFD dispensing valves.


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