PN: 7021015

Accurate packaging and filling valve systems

Precision 725HF valve systems dispense low to high viscosity fluids up to 450ml/second.

Best for filling small bottles, foil packs and samples with lotions, perfumes and adhesives.
Also used for potting electronics and applying braze pastes.

The advanced 725HF design provides positive cutoff by means of a slight pull-back at the dispense cycle end, ensuring accurate fill amounts.
Unique UHMW* polymer diaphragm replaces typical seals and seal maintenance, and ensures separation integrity of fluid from cylinder body.

• FDA-compliant wetted parts
• Autoclavable wetted parts (121°C)
Fully adjustable flow rates
• Positive cutoff
• Cycle rate exceeds 400/minute
• <±1% repeat fill tolerance
• Low-maintenance design

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Maximum fluid pressure: 100 psi (6.9 bar)
Actuating air pressure required: 70 psi (4.8 bar)
Fluid inlet thread: 1/4 NPT
Fluid outlet: 1/4 NPT
Mounting: (1) 5/16 UNF or adjustable mounting block
Air cylinder body: Hard-coated aluminum
Fluid body: Acetal copolymer
Piston: Hard-coated aluminum
Spring: Stainless steel
Sealing head/diaphragm: UHMW* polymer, FDA-approved
185 grams (6.5 oz )

7021015 Nordson EFD 725HF-A_drawing



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