PN: 7020683

Controlled, consistent coatings and bonding in a miniature design.

The 702V-SS mini-diaphragm dispense valve is designed for drip-free coatings and consistent shot-to-shot bonding of UV-cure adhesives and other low-to-medium viscosity fluids, especially where valve mounting space is at a premium.
At 60% smaller and 70% lighter than other dispense valves, the 702V-SS mounts easily and can be positioned close to the production parts. With its lightweight design, the valve is also easy to move, which means less maintenance and wear on semi-automated and automated machine robotic arms.
The dispense valve incorporates an inert polymer diaphragm that isolates the fluid from the valve actuating cylinder and provides very fine flow control for all low to medium viscosity fluids. The unique design provides quick valve ON/OFF and the ability to rapidly obtain maximum flow rates

• Consistent shot-to-shot performance
• Quick, clean cutoff eliminates drips
Low maintenance for millions of cycles
• Tamper resist stroke adjustment
• Unique design eliminates trapped air and bubbles
• Available with PTFE diaphragm for autoclaving processes

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Weight (less fittings): 1.74 oz (49.3 grams)
Actuating air pressure required: 70 to 90 psi (4.8 to 6.2 bar)
Maximum fluid pressure: 70 psi (4.8 bar)
Fluid inlet thread: M5
Mounting: Adjustable mounting block (specify P/N 7002VM)
Cycle rate: Exceeds 500 per minute
Air cylinder body: Type 303 stainless steel
Fluid chamber: Type 303 stainless steel
Piston: Type 303 stainless steel
Diaphragm: UHMW* polyethylene

NordsonEFD 702V mini diaphragm valve drawing

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