PN: 7360201

Fast, precise control of 794 Series auger valve performance

The ValveMate 7194 controller simplifies setup and operation of the 794 Series auger valve. Easily adjust valve open time in increments as small as 0.001 seconds for exceptional process control. The controller is available in a 0-30 psi (0-2 bar) version for solder pastes, silver conductive epoxies, and other filled fluids and a 0-100 psi (0-7 bar) version for dispensing thicker filled materials, such as thermal compounds.
Valve functions controlled at the dispensing station eliminate the need to shut down production lines to reprogram a PLC. Users can cycle the valve faster and with greater deposit accuracy and repeatability.
The VM7194 controller features a reverse capability mode, allowing clean cutoff at the dispense tip for particularly sticky or tacky fluids. A precision air pressure regulator provides precise pressure control to the syringe barrel and can be operated in continuous or pulse mode.
The controller is easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment for added convenience. Both 794 auger valve models, with brush or brushless motors, require the 7194 controller for optimal valve performance.

• Simplified setup and operation of the 794 auger valve
• Reverse capability mode
• 10-24 VDC motor voltage range
• Non-volatile, power-off memory
• Motor overload fault detection
• Continuous or pulse pressure mode to reservoir
• “On the fly” deposit adjustments
• Intuitive, easy operator interface
• Reverse capability feature provides clean cutoff for highly
sticky materials
• Low voltage requirements allow safe operation
• Motor overload protection extends motor life

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Cabinet size: 20.0W x 6.8H x 14.2D cm
7.9"W x 2.7"H x 5.6"D
Weight: 1.75 kg (3.9 lb)
Electrical power input: 30 VDC (+/-2%), 1.33 Amp maximum
Electrical input connector: Switchcraft L722RA or equivalent, locking type
External power adapter: 100–240 VAC (+/-10%),~ 50/60Hz input, 30 VDC (+/-2%),1.33  Amp output
Switchcraft S761K locking DC plug or equivalent, desktop type,  AC input: IEC 320 inlet
Initiate circuits: 5–24 INIT: 5–24 VDC initiate signal
CC INIT and foot pedal: Dry contact initiate circuits, 19 mA, closure current
INIT signal duration: No less than 0.012 seconds momentary or maintained for steady
Feedback circuits: EOC Out and Alarm Out: Electronic switch, 24 VDC, 100 mA maximum
Cycle rate: Exceeds 400 per minute
Time range: 0.001–99.9 s (sec.)
Input air pressure: 4.5–7.0 bar (65–100 psi)
Ambient operating conditions: Temperature: 5–45 °C (41–113 °F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30° C, 40% at 45° C non-condensing
Height above sea level: 2000 meters max (6,562 feet)
This equipment is for indoor use only.
Product classification: Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2
Approvals CE, CSA, RoHS, WEEE, and China RoHS compliant

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