PN: JR3203

Broaden your manufacturing potential with Janome flagship desktop robot.

The JR3000 Series is a multifunctional robot designed with both cell production sites and automated inline installation in mind. With a rich catalog of functions including Fieldbus compatibility, a built-in LAN port as standard equipment, software that makes camera installation easy and the ability to control up to two external motors, the JR3000 is ready to fill many different manufacturing roles.

Increased Structural Rigidity

The robot is made even more rigid, which makes i t faster (up to 900 mm/s), more accurate, and able to operate non-stop for extended periods.

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Operating Range X & Y Axis 200 x 200 mm
Z Axis 50 mm
Maximum Portable Load X Axis (Workpiece) 7 kg
Y Axis (Tool) 3.5 kg
Maximum Speed (PTP Drive)1 = Settable Speed Range X & Y Axis 700 mm/sec [7-700 mm/sec]
Z Axis 250 mm/sec [2.5-250 mm/sec]
Maximum Speed (CP Drive)1 = Settable Speed Range X, Y, Z Combined 600 mm/sec [0.1-600 mm/sec]
Repeatability2 X & Y Axis ±0.006 mm
Z Axis ±0.006 mm
External Dimensions3 W x D x H  323 x 387 x 554 mm
Robot Weight3 20 kg
Drive Method 5 Phase Pulse Motor (optional encoder attachment)
Control Method PTP Control, CP Control
External Input I/O-SYS 16 Inputs
I/O-14 8 Inputs
External Output I/O-SYS 16 Outputs
I/O-14 8 Outputs (including 4 relay outputs)
Power Source AC 90 - 125V / AC 180 - 240V (single phase)
Power Consumption 200 W
Operating Enviroment Temperature 0-40ºC

1 Maximum speed can vary depending upon conditions. The robot cannot reach maximum speed when bearing the maximum portable load.

2 Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature and does not represent a guarantee of absolute precision

3 The external dimensions and robot weight differ for JR 3400 Double Column Specifications.

4 For the JR3200 series, choose only one optional add-on: I/O-1 or I/O-MT



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