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For Radial Spray or Radial Spinner Valve System Operation

The ValveMate™ 7160RA controller provides nozzle
air and drive motor on/off control for the 782RA internal Radial Spray Valve and 7860C-RS Radial Spinner System.
Unique microprocessor circuitry provides exact time control and interacts with the host computer. Momentary input of 5 to 24 VDC from the host computer or a dry
contact closure initiates the dispense cycle. When the cycle is complete, an open collector circuit closes to
provide an end-of-cycle signal to the host computer.
For 782RA Radial Spray installations, a built-in air
pressure regulator provides Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) nozzle air to ensure high transfer efficiency
without overspray.
For Radial Spinner Systems, the 7860C-RS combines
a compact air-driven motor with a low-maintenance EFD dispense valve. The valve dispenses a precisely metered amount of fluid onto a spinner disk attached to the air motor. As fluid reaches the edge of the disk, it spins off, forming a neat band inside the part.

• Timed or continuous spray/air motor rotation
• Fast-response pneumatic solenoids
• Easily interfaced with a PLC
• Digital air output display (psi/bar)
• End-of-cycle (EOC) feedback signal
• Alarms for low air-pressure, tank level detection, and other detection devices
• Intuitive, easy user interface
• Simple to set up and operate
• “On the fly” adjustment
• Clean, clog-free cutoff
• Push-button time setting or one touch time programming

Přidat do poptávky

Cabinet Size: 20.0 cm x 14.2 cm x 6.8 cm (7.9 in. W x 5.6 in. D x 2.7 in. H)
Weight: 1.75 kg (3 lbs 14 oz)
Electrical Power Input: 24 VDC (+/- 5%), 0.63 A maximum
Electrical Input Connector: Switchcraft L722RA or equivalent, locking type
External Power Adapter: 100–240 VAC (+/-10%),~ 50/60 Hz input, 24 VDC (+/- 5%), 0.63 A output,
Switchcraft S761K locking DC plug or equivalent, wall mount, changeable AC plugs
Feedback Circuits: EOC Out & Alarm Out: Electronic switch, 24 VDC, 100 mA maximum
Initiate Circuits: 5–24 INIT: 5–24 VDC initiate signal
CC INIT & foot switch: Dry contact initiate circuits, 19 mA, closure current
INIT signal duration: No less than 0.012 seconds momentary or maintained for steady
Cycle Rate: Exceeds 400 per minute
Time Range: Programmable 0.001–99.9 seconds
Product Classification: Installation Category II
Pollution Degree 2
Meets or exceeds CE and CSA requirements



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