Robot Safety Enclosure -Small

Katalogové číslo: SEHB01-S

High quality safety enclosures for easy integration of complete range of Nordson EFD automated dispensing systems

Each enclosure features an internal lockable electrical control box and integrated wireways that allow easy cable routing for faster, safer setup. A safety light curtain at the front opening stops the dispensing cycle anytime an object passes its sensing fild.

The enclosure is designed for Nordson EFD robots: E2, E2V, E3, E3V, R3, E4, E4V, R4, PRO4L

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Features and benefits

  • Compliant with EU Machinery Directie 2006/42/EC
  • Safety camera meets safety requirements and protects operators
  • Robust design
  • Plug and Play system
  • Electrical box with integrated wirings for easy setup and maintenance
  • Integrated light keeps constant light conditins
  • Large storage place for fluid reservoirs allows easy access and refil
  • Capacitive Start button
  • Complete solution from one supplier
  • Customized versions available on request

Safety Enclosure-dimensions




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