Volumetric systems

Continuous volumetric dispensing, independent of fluid viscosity or changes in viscosity over time, gives you a reliable, repeatable process.

Nordson EFD precision volumetric dispensing pumps deliver best-in-class accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1%. Whether you’re dispensing one-component or two-component (2K) fluids, Nordson EFD automation-ready pump systems provide the precision you need for perfect fluid dispensing in your manufacturing process.

The pump’s modular design is based on the progressive cavity principal where its core components – a rotor and a stator – form a perfectly sealed metering chamber. Its continuous seal prevents shear, pulsation, and squeezing of fluid. This makes the 797PCP system ideal for dispensing abrasive pastes, filled materials, and UV-cure adhesives.

The 797PCP comes in three sizes – 0.01 mL, 0.05 mL, and 0.15 mL – for use in a wide range of applications in automotive, electronics, medical devices, and other industries.


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UltimusPlus I-II Dispensers

Nordson EFD UltimusPlus™ fluid dispensers provide next level process control for advanced applications of glues, oils, greases, epoxy, silicones, sealants, cyanoacrylates, solder pastes, and other assembly fluids dispensed with syringe barrels manually or on automated systems.

Simplify setup and operation with advanced touchscreen control of dispensing parameters. UltimusPlus is so easy to use it allows users to focus on making accurate, controlled deposits. Plus, full operator lockout of time, pressure, and vacuum settings prevents operator-to-operator variability between shifts.

In addition, the UltimusPlus’ Ethernet connection simplifies factory integration for high-volume, automated production. Its internal digital dispense log automatically records dispense data and can be easily downloaded through a USB port to further improve process control.

UltimusPlus I
The UltimusPlus I features a 0.7-7.0 bar (10-100 psi) pressure regulator and is ideal for dispensing a wide range of fluids.

UltimusPlus II
The UltimusPlus II features a 0.02-1.0 bar (0.3-15 psi) pressure regulator and provides greater control when dispensing low-viscosity or thin fluids.


  • Industry-leading intuitive touchscreen interface, in multiple languages
  • Electronic pressure regulation with full operator lockout
  • Optional barcode scanner
  • MultiShot™ capability


  • Simplify setup and programming, allowing operators to focus on their process
  • Reduce factory air consumption and operating costs with Sleep Mode
  • Quickly shift between 16 programs without making manual adjustments for improved productivity
  • Dispense multiple shots from a single press of the foot pedal to minimize cycle time and reduce operator fatigue

The Complete System
Order these items to complete your benchtop fluid dispensing system. EFD Optimum® components are designed work with your dispenser to produce the most accurate, repeatable deposits possible.

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