Pro-Meter V2K

Benchtop 2K Metering System

A compact, cost-effective and precision 2 component meter that’s big on reliability and massive on precision.

Featuring positive rod displacement technology, important when accuracy is vital and performance is essential.

With an innovative design, high quality components and tough stainless steel construction, Pro-Meter V2K won’t let you down when you need to get the job done, without compromising quality or production speed. However, such big benefits don’t come with a large footprint to match. With a base that measures just 17” (432mm) x 31” (788mm), the compact benchtop unit is one of the smallest of this specification

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Superior Performance

• Positive Rod displacement metering stays accurate for longer
• Less wear, even with abrasives in the mix
• Predictable performance, job after job after job

Always Precise

• The 2K meter that thinks big with precision ratios from 1:1 to 20:1
• Single stroke shots up to 184cc – the highest volume available on the market
• Dispense abrasive and filled materials with no loss of accuracy over time

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