Pro-Meter D2K

Dual servo drive, positive rod displacement, fixed ratio metering system that delivers precision as standard.

Big On Reliability
Positive rod displacement metering proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio time and time again; even with notoriously difficult materials like abrasives that can cause machine wear.

Performance By Design
It’s what goes into the Pro-Meter® 2K Series that makes what comes out so accurate and predictable. Nordson dispensing expertise, engineered solutions capabilities, and innovative product design are the ingredients that make Pro-Meter the flexible solution to your 2 component metering needs.

Massive On Precision
Field proven in over 10,000 diverse industry applications, Pro-Meter keeps you in production and on-ratio day after day.

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Accurate - Uses electronic pressure monitoring to ensure consistent process parameters part to part
• Flexible - Shot size and flow rate adjustment available
• Low Maintenance - Heavy duty packings and seals minimize wear and increase lifespan in tough manufacturing environments
• On-Ratio - Power inlet and outlet valves eliminate material bypass and ensure ratio precision and consistency
• Durable - Dispense abrasive or filled materials with no loss of accuracy
• Dependable - Rods do not touch cylinder walls, reducing wear and downtime
• Dual Servo Drive - Enables dispensing of beads and precise dispense volumes

Technical Data

Drive Type: Dual Servo Drive
Metering Principle: Positive Rod Displacement
Applications: Potting or Bead
Viscosity Range: Liquid to Paste
Ratio Range:1:1 to 10:1
Shot Size Range: Up to 221 cc at 1:1 ratio
Fixed Flow Rate: No
Variable Flow Rate: Yes
Multiple Shot Output Per Cycle: Yes
Independent Speed Control of Dissimilar Materials: Yes
Up to 255 Programmable Dispense Volumes: Yes

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