1L Tank 0-10 PSI (0.7BAR) w Digital precision regulator

PN: 7013460

Precision tank air pressure control is essential to ensure consistent, accurate fluid deposits from the dispense valve.
EFD Precision Regulator/Digital Gauge tank reservoirs offer exceptional full-to-empty fluid pressure control.
Available in 0-10 psi (0-0.7 bar) for low viscosity fluids.
EFD Precision Regulator/Digital Gauge reservoir assemblies are the right choice for improved process control, performance and repeatability

• Main air supply pressure variations: Precision regulator holds output pressure consistently regardless of input pressure fluctuations.
• Repeatability: From one shift to the next, precision regulator/digital gauge can be reset to exact pressure setting – removing analog readout error.
• Tighter setting tolerances: Pressures can be set to tenths of psi.
• Fast response, robust pressure regulator: Better resolution in pressure control.

• Precision fluid pressure regulation/digital readout for exacting fluid pressure control.
• Better process control.
• Provides critical control of important variable for EFD time/pressure valve system operation and performance.
• Reliable “full to empty” pressure control for 1 reservoirs.
• Meets performance standards necessary in Life Sciences industry.

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Tank body: Cast aluminum
Capacity: 1.0 liter
Weight: 3.0 kg (6.60 lb)
Height: 350 mm (13.75")
Diameter (cover maximum): 172 mm (6.75")
Maximum operating pressure: 0.7 bar (10 psi)
Maximum operating temperature: 50° C (122° F)


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