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Extremely Precise (XP), Repeatable Micro-Dispensing

The PICO XP jetting system takes the guesswork out of how to achieve the same extremely precise (XP), repeatable non-contact micro-dispensing from valve-to-valve, after maintenance, and as temperatures rise or fall.

The PICOPµlse®XP jet valve and PICO®Toµch™XP controller bring extreme precision and repeatability to the next level with a unique self-regulating calibration for improved valve-to-valve jetting performance.
It controls for the slightest variation in fluid body tolerances to maintain optimal jetting results, even after maintenance. Sustained stroke target seeking allows the system to produce a stable deposit weight,even when environmental conditions change.
This minimizes production downtime needed to recalibrate the jetting system, for example, when ambient temperatures rise or fall.
Achieve micro-deposits as small as 0.5 nL with extreme precision and repeatability at up to 1000Hz continuous for your most sophisticated non-contact dispensing application needs.

Micron (µm) level stroke adjustment and unique self-regulating calibration allow this revolutionary jetting system to meet unprecedented levels of fluid dispensing repeatability over long periods of time, regardless of environmental factors. Manufacturers sometimes see variation in dispensing performance when there is even a slight change in the tolerance of a jet valve’s internal geometry. Therefore, one jet valve may produce a slightly different dispensing outcome than another with the same dispense settings. This is also why dispensing outcomes can sometimes change after a fluid body is removed, cleaned for maintenance, and then returned to the valve.

The PICO XP jetting system’s proprietary self-regulating calibration technology controls for variations in fluid body tolerance to maintain the same micro-dispensing repeatability from valve-to-valve and after maintenance. Its one-of-a-kind sustained stroke target seeking allows it to self-adjust to maintain its micron (µm) level stroke setting for long periods regardless of environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature changes that can alter dispense results over time. The system includes a PICO Pµlse XP jet valve and PICO Toµch XP controller with an intuitive touchscreen interface for simplified set up. It can apply micro-deposits as small as 0.5 nL at speeds up to 1000Hz (deposits per second) continuously. The valve’s quick-release clasp allows for tool-free removal of the fluid body for simplified cleaning of the fluid path, which saves manufacturers time during maintenance. The valve can be outfitted with one of several fluid bodies available with different properties and orifice sizes to meet manufacturers’ unique and versatile application requirements.

• XP self-regulating calibration.
• Sustained stroke target seeking
• Micron (µm) level stroke adjustment
• Touchscreen interface with intuitive programmingsoftware
• Tool-free fluid body removal for simplified cleaningof fluid path

• Improve valve-to-valve dispensing repeatabilityand repeatability after maintenance
• Maintain dispensing repeatability regardless ofenvironmental conditions
• Fine-tune jetting performance for a wide rangeof applications
• Easier setup and programming at the pointof dispense

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Size: 22W x 120H x 75L mm (0.87W x 4.72H x 2.92L")
Weight With cable: 524 g (18.5 oz)
Without cable: 362 g (12.8 oz)
Maximum fluid pressure: 35 bar (500 psi)
Fluid inlet thread: M5
Mounting: M4 x 0.7
Continuous running condition maximums (SDvalve) (see Note A):
- Maximum stack temperature: 55° C (131° F)
- Maximum continuous operating frequency: 250Hz or 4 ms
- Maximum burst frequency: Up to 1500Hz*
- Opening time: 0.25 - 0.50 ms
- Closing time: 0.20 - 2.00 ms
- Maximum stroke: 90%
- Maximum close voltage: 120V (when a Delta of 90V is applied for voltages above 100V)
Continuous running condition maximums (HDvalve) (see Note A):
- Maximum stack temperature: 85° C (185° F)
- Maximum continuous operating frequency: 1000Hz* or 1 ms
- Maximum burst frequency: Up to 1500Hz*
- Maximum opening time: 0.25 ms
- Maximum closing time: 0.20 ms
- Maximum stroke, XP: 165 μm
- Maximum close voltage: 120V (when a Delta of 90V is applied for voltages above 100V)
Material: Fluid body: 303 stainless steel or PEEK
Ball and seat: Ceramic
Heater body: Aluminum
Maximum fluid body temperature (see notes below): 100° C (212° F) (except PEEK) PEEK: 45° C (113° F)
Product classification: Installation Category 2, Pollution Degree 2

•Continuous running condition maximums apply when the stack temperature does not exceed 55° C (131° F) for an SD valve or85° C (185° F) for an HD valve. The valves can be subject to other operating conditions as long as the stack temperature doesnot exceed these temperature maximums.
•Tip adapter kits are for use with HD contact valves only.
•The maximum fluid body temperature for valves with a PEEK fluid body assembly is 45° C (113° F).

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