Liquidyn P-Jet CT Actuator

PN: 7825004

High-precision micro-dispensing: stable, accurate, fast and flexible

The Liquidyn® P-Jet is a high performance jet valve designed for the non-contact micro-dispensing of low- to medium-viscosity fluids, including oils, greases, glues, flux and filled products. The Liquidyn P-Jet valve can produce micro-deposits as small as 3 nL at dispensing frequencies of up to 280Hz, for a faster production process. The valve can also dispense larger fluid volumes and is capable of both dot and line dispensing.
The Liquidyn P-Jet valve’s fluid-carrying components are separate from the actuator and are available in both stainless steel and plastic (PEEK), allowing them to be quickly and easily exchanged.
This modular design makes the valve capable of dispensing a wide variety of materials and also makes fluid-type changeout and component replacement fast and easy. Electro-pneumatically operated by a low voltage trigger, the Liquidyn P-Jet features an adjustable pulse signal. The valve can be operated using either a Liquidyn valve controller or a customer-supplied high-level controller, such as a PLC. Valve pulse time can start at 2 ms. The dispensing tappet remains open until the trigger signal ends. Even the most demanding or delicate processes — whether due to product complexity or positional tolerances — are easy to implement with Liquidyn P-Jet valve non-contact dispensing.

• Suitable for low- to medium-viscosity fluids
• Dispensing volume starting at 3 nL
• Dispensing frequencies as high as 280Hz
• Bead or line dispensing capability
• Low voltage operation (24 VDC)
• Modular design
• 3D dispensing

• High repeatability and high accuracy provide very consistent dispensing results for higher productivity.
• Interchangeable components mean quick changeout of fluid types and easy service and maintenance.
• Highly abrasive mediums, in addition to low-viscosity fluids, can be dispensed.
• IP65-compliant construction makes the valve dust-proof and wash-down friendly.

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Size: W 20 mm x H 138.5 mm x L 78.5 mm (0.8 x 5.5 x 3 in inches")

Weight: 270 g (9.5 oz)

Maximum fluid pressure: 100 bar (1450 psi)

Fluid inlet: M8 x 1, flat sealing

Mounting: M3 x 25

Maximum operating frequency: 280 Hz

Pulse time: Starting at 2 ms

Input air pressure: 3-8 bar (44-116 psi)

Fluid body: 303 Stainless steel or PEEK

Heater body: Aluminum

Approvals: CE. TUV

Warrranty: 1 year, limited


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