PN: 7029745

Auger valve system for precise, consistent fluid application

8 pitch, brush motor, and fixed head

The 794 Series auger valve system is designed to make precise, repeatable deposits of solder paste. By integrating screw feed technology with precise control of dispense time, syringe pressure and auger speed, the 794 Series system ensures consistent deposits without damage to the metal alloy particles in the solder paste.

The 794 Series auger valves are designed for use with ValveMate™ 7194 controllers and EFD’s automated dispensing systems. During operation, air pressure applied to the syringe of solder moves paste into the path of the auger. As the auger rotates, solder paste moves along the threads and out the dispensing tip. The VM7194 controller regulates feed pressure so that there is enough pressure to keep the valve primed with solder without forcing it past the auger, and controls dispense time and auger speed.

Features and Benefits
• Accurate, consistent output
• Adjustable flow rate
• I/O interface
• Adjustable auger speed
• 8 pitch or 16 pitch auger
• Two motor-styles – brush or brushless
• Low-maintenance design
• Fast, tool-free latch release of wetted parts
• Sliding head/footed tip components for surface irregularities and to maintain consistent dispense gap height.
• Fixed head version for lines and stripes

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Size: 237.4 mm length x 31.7 mm diameter (9.35" x 1.25")
Weight: 544 grams (19.2 oz)
Fluid chamber: Type 440C hardened stainless steel
Auger Type: 440C hardened stainless steel
“U” cup: Filled PTFE, spring energized
Liquid feed fitting: Type 304SS #10-32x5/32” (push-in optional: polypro)
Auger speed: 250-400 RPM based on voltage input
Auger pitch: 8 and 16 pitch auger
Input Voltage: 12-24 VDC (<10% ripple)
Input Air: 0-30 psi (0-2.07 bar) clean and dry
Maximum Acceleration: 2g





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