PN: 7012988

316L stainless steel micro spray valve for precise aseptic and sterile fluid applications

The 784S-SS aseptic spray valve system accurately controls the application of most low to medium viscosity fluids.
The seal-less design incorporates an inert Teflon
® diaphragm that isolates the actuator from the valve.
The 784S-SS aseptic spray valve uses low volume low pressure (LVLP) technology to produce uniform round spray patterns between 0.130″ and 0.75″ in diameter. For wider area of coverage, the 784S-SS-F with fan air cap is available.

The unique design of the 784S-SS provides a fluid flow path free of any entrapment areas, critical for sterile and aseptic fluid applications. Wetted parts are 316L stainless steel and Teflon, which are suitable for CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilize in place) processes. Disposable tip is a polypropylene hub with passivated 304SS shaft.

• High transfer efficiency
• Easy to clean or sterilize in place
• No overspray or mist
• Medium- to low-viscosity fluids
• Consistent spray patterns
• Low maintenance design
• Compact size and weight
• Adjustable fluid flow control
• Diaphragm life exceeds 1×10
• Cycle rate exceeds 400/minute
• FDA-compliant wetted parts
• Positive shutoff, no seals
• Tamper-resistant design

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Size: 31.5 mm (1.24") diameter x 96.27 mm (3.79") long
Weight: 430.30 grams (15.20 ounces)
Fluid body: Type 316L stainless steel
Air cylinder body: Type 316L stainless steel
Piston: Type 316L stainless steel
Needle: Type 316L stainless steel
Air cap: Type 316L stainless steel
Fluid inlet thread: 5/16 - 24 UNF tapped hole
Diaghagm: PTFE
Disposable tips: Polypropylene hub / 304SS shaft
Maximum fluid pressure: 25 psi (1.7 bar)
Maximum operating temperature: Autoclaving 260˚C (500˚F)
Operating frequency: Exceeds 400 cycles / minute


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