PN: 7022120

The easiest way to achieve exceptional spray pattern definition

Spray pattern is defined through a combination of fluid pressure, valve stroke and valve open time, with valve open time providing the greatest control over the volume of fluid sprayed.
The ValveMate 8040 controller is a fast, convenient way to adjust spray valve open time in increments as small as 0.001 seconds. External solenoids, combined with a 0-30 psi nozzle air pressure regulator, provide Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) air to the nozzle, for high transfer efficiency without overspray. The result is exceptional spray pattern definition without time-consuming programming or mechanical adjustments that require the production line to be shut down.

• “On the fly” adjustment
• Timed or continuous spray
• Clean, clog-free cutoff
• Fast-response pneumatic solenoids
• Cost-effective–one ValveMate 8040 can control 1 or 2 spray valves
• Simple to set up and operate
• Easily interfaced with a PLC

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Cabinet Size: 18.3 cm x 8.5 cm x 5 cm (7.22" W x 3.38" D x 2" H)
Weight: .27 kg (.6 lbs)
Input AC (to power supply): 100-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage (from power supply): 24 VDC – 1.25 Amp maximum
Power Requirements: 24 VDC 1.25 Amp maximum
Feedback Circuits: 5 to 24 VDC NC solid-state switch 100mA maximum
Initiate Circuit: 5 to 24 VDC signal
Cycle Rate: Exceeds 400 per minute
Time Range: Programmable .001 to 99.9 seconds

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