PN: 7015341

The easiest way to achieve exceptional spray pattern definition

Spray pattern is defined through a combination of fluid pressure, valve stroke and valve open time, with valve open time providing the greatest control over the volume of fluid sprayed.
The ValveMate 7140 controller is a fast, convenient way to adjust spray valve open time in increments as small as 0.001 seconds. An adjustable nozzle air pressure regulator provides Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) air to the nozzle, for high transfer efficiency without overspray. The result is exceptional spray pattern definition without time-consuming programming or mechanical adjustments that require the production line to be shut down. The controller is available in a 0-30 psi version for thinner fluids and a 0-100 psi version for dispensing fluids with thicker viscosities.

Features and Benefits
• Intuitive, easy user interface
• “On-the-fly” adjustment
• Timed or continuous spray
• Clean, clog-free cutoff
• Fast-response pneumatic solenoids
• Simple to set up and operate
• Easily interfaced with a PLC
• Digital air output display (psi/bar)

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Cabinet Size: 20.0 cm x 14.2 cm x 6.8 cm (7.9" W x 5.6" D x 2.7" H)
Weight: 1.75 kg (3 lbs 14 oz)
Electrical Power Input: 24VDC (+/- 5%), 0.63A maximum
Electrical Input Connector: Switchcraft L722RA or equivalent, locking type
External Power Adapter: 100-240 VAC (+/-10%),~ 50/60 Hz input, 24VDC (+/- 5%), 0.63 A output,
Switchcraft S761K locking DC plug or equivalent, wall mount, changeable AC plugs
Feedback Circuits: EOC Out & Alarm Out: Electronic switch, 24VDC, 100mA maximum
Initiate Circuits: 5-24 INIT: 5-24VDC initiate signal
CC INIT & Foot Switch: Dry contact initiate circuits, 19mA, closure current
INIT signal duration: No less than 0.012 sec. momentary or maintained for steady
Cycle Rate: Exceeds 400 per minute
Time Range: Programmable 0.001 to 99.9 seconds
Product Classification: Installation Category II
Pollution Degree 2







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