Double Cartridge Pump

PN: SJP315CT-2


The Double cartridge pump is a powerful system for controlled transfer of thick fluids from 1/10th gallon (310 ml) plastic cartridges. The system integrates a dual (A+B) tandem cartridge arrangement for
continuous material flow. It is designed to easily transfer material for controlled dispensing via a high pressure valve. The suitable viscosity range is 5,000 cps – 600,000 cps and maximum material pressure is 996 psi. The A&B cartridge management automatically switches from either A to B or B to A when the cartridge is exhausted.


– Material delivered air-free
– Wipe-clean action
– High-pressure regulation
– Adjustable piston pressure
– Electrical extruder motor
– Simple load mechanism provides easy cleaning
– Teflon wetted parts
– Avoids waste
– Metal Jacket retainer
– Fully auto switching between A and B cartidges


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Power input AC 220 V/110 V 50-60 Hz
Electrical Consumption 20 W
Dimension 272 (W) x 288 (L) x 649 (H)
Weight 18 kg
Air Input Pressure 2 kgf/cm2 - 7 kgf/cm2
Air Consumption 80 l /min
Ratio 5:1 (type B) / 15:1 (type D)
Maximum Output Pressure 17 kgf/cm2 / 70 kgf/cm2
Fluid Viscosity Range 10,000 - 600,000 cps
Cartridge Size 1/10 th g


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