PN: 70100098

Angled diaphragm valve system

Function: 2/2 NC (Normal Close)

VR-DN 20_AL-24VDC is a 2/2-way 90° diaphragm valve featuring a Power Reflex diaphragm. The valve body is made from aluminium and is designed with a 3/4″ internal thread. The control of valve is solved by solenoid valve for 24 VDC.

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Product: VR-DN 20 AL-24VDC
Raw gas temperature: -20 ... +100°C
Ambient temperature: -20°C ... +85°C
Purge gas temperature: -20°C ... +85°C
ATEX approval: No
UL approval: No
Control connection: Solenoid valve 24VDC / 22 W / duty cycle 10%
Valve type: 2/2-way valve
Pressure range: 1,5 bar ... 6 bar
Size: G3/4", DN20 - internal thread
Medium: Compressed air of the quality class 2 (ISO 8573)
Material of body: Aluminium


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