Ideal static mixer for your application

A static mixer (also called a motionless mixer or mixing nozzle) is a simple device with no moving parts, and consists of a series of internal elements (baffles) within a plastic housing (tube).

The static mixer is the central, if not the most important, part of the two-component dispensing system.

Theory of Static Mixing

Elements within the mixer stay “static” i.e. they do not move.

The A & B materials are pushed/pumped/injected into the static mixer in the ratio required. As the two materials move through the series of alternately-angled elements, they are forced to come together and apart, over and over again.

This flow creates layer upon layer of A & B materials. Eventually, the material has been layered so many times, that A & B become a homogeneous stream when they exit the mixer outlet.

Static Mixers optimized for specific fluid types

MaterialTypical # of Elements
Acrylic8 – 20
Epoxy15 – 24
Polysulfide24 – 32
PU Foam10 – 24
Silicone20 – 30
Urethane24 – 36
Viscosity RangeMixing Element Diameter Range
Thin < 5,000 cps Thinner than syrup0.093” – 0.25” (2.36 – 6.35mm)
Medium 5,000 – 50,000 cps Thicker than honey, less than ketchup0.212” – 0.314” (5.4 – 8mm)
Thick > 50,000 cps Thicker than ketchup> 0.366” (9.3mm)

When mixing fluids of two different viscosities, always use the element rated for the higher viscosity

Each type of outlet delivers specific advantages for specific applications


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