Pneumatic extrusion pumps

Main transferred products

  • Sealants
  • Silicones
  • Vinyl glue
  • Mastics
  • Adhesives
  • Lubricant Greases
  • Gel
  • Conductive pastes
  • Assembly pastes
  • Resins
  • Lubricant greases
  • Latexes


Extrusion systems for viscous material delivery have a suction valve equipped with a small plate that allows the user to pump dense products up to 2 million cps.

Piston extrusion pumps are mounted on pneumatic extrusion rams for direct suctioning from the drum and to facilitate quick replacement the drum itself once product inside has been finished. A pressing unit fixed to the base of the drum ensures a constant flow of product and protects the materials, that have not yet been suctioned, from the contact with dust, humidity, and from dryingout caused by contact with air.

Product benefits

  • Maximum production and operation capacity
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Minimum level residual material in the drum
  • Low downtime
  • Quick drum or can replacement
  • Limited management costs
  • Long lasting system
  • Standard and special configurations
  • Easy installation
  • Small overall size

Delivery and dispensing systems for 30-60-200 litre drums are composed of:

High pressure piston pneumatic pump for extrusion

Composed of a pneumatic motor and a pump unit with double
chamber able to suck and transfer dense products up to highly
viscous materials.

Pneumatic extrusion ram

Raises the extrusion pump with pneumatic force to guide the
unit during the product suction phase directly from the original
container and allows for its fast replacement.

Follower plate

Fastened to the base of the pump and compresses material,
keeping it compact and ensuring constant product flow. Its
gaskets protect material that has not yet been suctioned from
contact with dust and humidity and from dying caused by
contact with air.

Range of pneumatic extrusion equipment

Model Pressure ratio Max. flow rate Max. number of cycles Number of cycles per litre Supply pressure Air Consumption 60 C.C./Min

NOVA 20:1
Std Divorced

20:1 24 l/m 60 5 3+6 bar 3 bar 1700 l/m
5 bar 2400 l/m
6 bar 2700 l/m
NOVA 55:1
Std Divorced
55:1 12 60 5 3+6 bar 3 bar 2200 l/m
5 bar 3800 l/m
6 bar 4400 l/m
OMEGA 40:1
Std Divorced
40:1 7,5 60 8 3+7 bar 3 bar 1200 l/m
5 bar 1800 l/m
6 bar 2500 l/m
OMEGA 28:1
Std Divorced
28:1 12 60 5 3+7 bar 3 bar 1200 l/m
5 bar 1800 l/m
6 bar 2500 l/m
Divorced long 850mm pump
Divorced medium 675mm pump
24:1 4 60 15 3+7 bar 3 bar 500 l/m
5 bar 840 l/m
6 bar 1200 l/m


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