Conditioner gel K310

Purge gel for dispensing systems.

K310 preserves the functionality of the dispensing system during shutdown and period of inactive status, preventing the system from the risk of hardening of the dispensed material. Gel is designed to replace the dispensed material in the system, has neutral chemical reaction, does not cure, it is easy to clean and is healthy-safe.

Insert the cartridge into the retainer and push the gel into the dispensing system. At first, a mixture of both materials will flow from the system. Once clear gel can be seen, the dispensing system is protected.  To start the dispensing procedure please proceed in the reverse order. The system is ready for use only once clear dispensing material is observed. For longer periods without use, we recommend to clean the system after using K310.

1 cartridge of K310 can be used approx. 10-15 times, depending on the system configuration and the character of the dispensed material.

The colour is light blue.

Standard packaging: 310ml Eurocartridge

EFD Optimum 30cc and Cartridges 6OZ, 12OZ, 20OZ, 32OZ are available on request.


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