ROBOT R4V 4 AXIS 400 X 400 X 150 MM EUR

PN: 7363573

RV Series Automated Dispensing Systems

Nordson EFD’s RV Series 4-axis automated systems are configured for precise fluid dispensing using EFD syringe barrel and valve systems.

Specialized vision-guided DispenseMotion™ software and an integrated CCD smart vision camera make the RV quick to set up and easy to program. True three-dimensional motion control provides easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, compound arcs, and patterns on different planes. The fourth axis allows for dispensing at any angle along the 360° rotation plane.

• Simplified setup and programming with EFD’s advanced vision-guided DispenseMotion software
•  On-screen preview of the dispensing path facilitates programming
•  Dispense tip alignment capability
• 360° rotation for ID and OD dispensing
• Wide range of work envelopes
• Market-leading dimensional positioning accuracy and deposit placement repeatability
• Easier to setup and program quickly
• Reduced production, material, and ownership costs
• New manufacturing opportunities

Maximum working area (X / Y / Z / R°) 400 / 400 / 150 mm / ±999°
Workpiece Payload 10.0 kg
Tool Payload 3.0 kg
Maximum Speed (XY / Z) 800 / 320 mm/s
Maximum speed (R°) 720°/s
Dimensions 745W x 914H x 652D mm
Weight 55.0 kg



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